E.A.A. Chapter 908, Fort Pierce FL

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Meetings, Third Saturday of the Month 10:00 AM at the EAA Chapter 908 Club House
3100 Industrial Ave. #3 (off 25th Ave.)
(772) 489-0420
St. Lucie County International Airport in Fort Pierce, Florida

Chapter 908 Mission

  •  Promote and encourage the sport and hobby of recreational aviation.

  •  Cooperate with and assist governmental agencies in the development of programs relating to  aviation activities.

    1.  Promote and encourage aviation safety in the design, construction and operation of all kinds of aircraft.

    1.  Encourage and engage in research for the improvement and better understanding of aviation and the science of aeronautics.

    2.  Foster , promote and engage in aviation education

    3.  Promote and encourage grass roots efforts relating to aviation research and development. How to join!


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